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Choose lifestyle first, work after

What is more important to you - your lifestyle or your work?

Lifestyle means where you live, what you do with your time, how much of this time is put into work, personal-growth, family, friends, etc., what you eat, drink and breathe, and what kind of people you surround yourself with.

Work means what you do in order to make money. That money is eventually being used as a tool to pay for housing, transportation, food, health care, vacations and other expenses. Work, in some cases, is also a tool for personal growth and connection with other people.

Over the last few centuries, humanity was conditioned to think about their work priorities first, and only secondarily, if at all, think about the lifestyle they wanted for themselves and their family.

I claim that it should be exactly the opposite.

First, you should imagine and plan the ideal lifestyle you want and then find the right income channel that fits that lifestyle.

If you are, or inspired to be, a digital nomad - you can choose this lifestyle and only then must find a way to generate income. Nowadays, there are countless jobs posted for remote working positions and there are business opportunities all over the world. Start exploring!

Furthermore, a ‘lifestyle first’ approach allows you to be true to yourself, be in your element and more aligned with who you are. Thus likely after a short time living a nomadic lifestyle, you will find your groove and an income channel that inspires and fits you. HOW GREAT IS THAT!?

Money is not the only thing we work for or that makes the world go around. There are also many types of global opportunities for nomads that don’t require a lot of money to live the life and provide invaluable life experience and exposure to what the world has to offer. Work exchanges or volunteering is an excellent way to discover new things and get inspired like volunteering on a farm, at a hostel or with any other project that is interesting for you.

So remember - Choose lifestyle first, and the right work will follow as a result of that!

Gilad Sarusi

Co-Founder, Kibbutz Life

Photo location: Dona Ana Beach, Algarve, Portugal.

Taken by: Gilad Sarusi

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