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Freedom of time, freedom of place.

Updated: Jun 6, 2022

This motto, or even goal, has led me to create my own entrepreneurial digital nomad lifestyle.

It was about 12 years ago. I had just finished 3 years of service in the Israeli army and started a 7-month long journey in Latin America.

Even back then I understood that in order to be free I needed to:

a) have flexibility of location / place so I can fulfill my passion (and addiction) of travel, different cultures, experiences, nature and new friendships.

b) have full control over my time. I’m my own boss at work, my work is a tool to make money and that money is a tool to live the best lifestyle for me at any given moment.

I also understood that in order to be able to focus on my passion in life, I needed to be able to put minimum time into work while making maximum profit and / or make sure that my work is my passion.

Over the next 12 years I created multiple businesses from scratch, independently, without the aid of any investment. Each business was my passion at that time and allowed me to have the lifestyle I wanted to have at that point.

For example, I always loved teaching, working with kids and dogs. So after running a dog training business for a year, I started running dog training activities for kids in kindergartens, schools and birthday parties. I managed to earn over 20 times more than any of my peers working at restaurants and bars. So I worked less, earned more and definitely enjoyed life and traveled more.

The problem with this type of work is that it’s not scalable, meaning that I’m the only one that can do the job and that I still get paid by the hour. It also forced me to be physically present at the location of the training. So I did have better freedom of time, but no freedom of place…

That led me to the understanding that I must start making an income online. Today, people call it a ‘Digital Nomad’, but back then I was just that guy that was always traveling and somehow making a living’.

Today, after traveling to over 40 countries, spending minimal time doing actual work and making a large sum of money online and offline (while still traveling), I can gladly say that following my passion and developing a digital nomad lifestyle was one of my best bets / decisions in life.

So, my dear readers, if ‘freedom of time, freedom of place’ is a goal that speaks to you, do yourself a favor and start mastering an entrepreneurial digital nomad lifestyle. It is easier than it looks.

Free yourself!

No one else will…

Gilad Sarusi

Co-Founder, Kibbutz Life

Photo location: Infinity island, Bocas del Toro, Panamá

Taken by: Gilad Sarusi

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