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Your Dreams, Your Terms - Talk Summary

Our founder, Gilad Sarusi, recently held a lecture in the College of Management in Israel. Discussing the mottos and drives of a Digital Nomad, Gilad introduced the idea of being a Digital Nomad to the academic public.

At the beginning, Gilad explained how you should imagine and plan the ideal lifestyle you want and then find the right income channel that fits that lifestyle and not vice versa like most people do. As such, if you are, or inspired to be, a digital nomad - you can choose this lifestyle and only then find a way to generate income.

Adding to this, the concept of freedom of time and freedom of place, and the secret of self-employment, travel and bringing your passion together with financial and personal stability.

Gilad also elaborated on controlling your own income, becoming your own boss and being independent in the face of the more typical glass ceiling problem of employment. Working by your own terms, for your own income and dreams.

Finally, we come to replacing possessions with experiences. People are wisening up to the fact that consumer culture is becoming irrelevant to those that wish to become more intrepid and mobile in their lives.

A possession is a potential pleasure, but an experience is an active enjoyment.

Experiences often involve us actively doing something – climbing up a mountain, hiking a trail, swimming in a lake, flying over a beach and jungle reserve. We are forced to be active, to create the experience for ourselves. We find more joy and happiness in being active participants rather than passive bystanders.

Next, it was time to dip into the steps to design a Digital Nomads lifestyle - explaining how to enter it smoothly, what to seek out in your lifestyle, what sort of work to find, what budget to work under, where to travel and when. And most importantly, to never stop growing and learning.

Finally Gilad introduced Kibbutz to the course as a method and community through which one can begin their lives as a digital nomad, as well as a demonstration of the digital nomad way of life. Allowing this community to grow further and learn more about its merits and goals.

So thank you, College of Management, and here’s to reaching out to the public, and spreading the culture of digital nomads with it.

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creative lab
creative lab
29 дек. 2022 г.

Follow your dream it really does create a new reality. Coupled with a sound understanding and readiness to adapt in our ever changing and challenging environment will yield fruit. I am sure you will be very sensitive to who will join you and contribute with their own gifts, talents and experience. Good luck Gilad, Tara et al. Didi from Portugal

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